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Work Law is a client-centered firm specializing in family, divorce, custody and CRIMINAL Defense law. 


Take a deep breath, we’re here to help. Facing any legal challenge can be overwhelming. At Work Law we take a client-centered approach. During this trying time, the most important decision you'll make is selecting the attorney you want standing by your side. Allow us to earn that position and your trust. 

Hard Work

At Work Law we specialize in family, divorce and defense law. When representing our divorce and defense clients, hard work is always the answer. Together, we will show up to court planned and prepared. Most important, we will have a clear understanding of your goals and how we can best achieve them. We prepare all of our clients personally and professionally.


Work Law has successfully tried hundreds of family, divorce and criminal defense cases to trial. We have the experience needed to find the best outcome in your case. We specialize in family and defense law. This focus is vital, as it allows our attorneys to be specialists in the field.


Together, we will formulate a plan of attack. We will understand your goals and the options to best achieve them. You will always be informed and involved in the decision-making, planning and preparation of your case.


As a client, you have expectations - that's fair. Our clients have access to their attorneys and will work with the entire legal team. You will receive honesty and transparency each step of the way. 



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