Preparation For Trial in Family Court

preparation for trial in family court

How to Prepare for Trial in Family Court Trials occur in family court when you and the other party are not able to come to an agreement on your family issues. In the trial, a judge will make a final decision on the presented family court issues. In order to be fully prepared for your […]

Nevada Child Custody Laws


Nevada Child Custody Laws 101 Child custody issues are frequently faced in Nevada family court cases. There are two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. When parents are in the process of separation, the matter of legal and physical custody must be handled as a part of the case. Court’s Child Custody […]

How to Manage Your Social Media During a Divorce

Divorce complaint in Reno NV

Managing Your Social Media During a Divorce Social media has become a large aspect of many people’s lives. It allows for instant access to information and quick communication between anyone and everyone. In the instance of divorce, social media can quickly become a dangerous source impacting the separation process. Due to the nature of oversharing […]

Respond to a Motion to Modify Custody

how \to file motion to modify custody

How to Respond to a Motion to Modify Custody Custody cases are an ongoing process that can regularly be altered through the filing of a motion to modify custody. Either party in a custody case can file a motion in an attempt to have previous custody orders changed. If you don’t file an opposition to […]

Child Relocation Laws in Reno, NV

child relocations law in reno, nv

Child Relocation Laws in Reno Sometimes life brings about changes that can cause a parent to need to relocate with their child. Nevada law defines relocation as a modification in the child’s residence that is either out of state or that greatly impacts the non-relocating parent’s opportunity to exercise their custodial rights. A move is […]