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Personal Injury Law in Reno, NV – The Biggest Little City

Reno is known as the biggest little city in the world. With that, the biggest little city also has a legal community that is equally as small. So, like many professional networks, the reno attorney that you hire will many times make or break the outcome of your case. As discussed in past posts, be sure to do the research at the beginning of your search for a Reno attorney to make sure that the attorney has a strong reputation in the biggest little city.

Finding the Best Personal Injury Case – Referral
If you are looking for the best personal injury attorney for you case, please do not hesitate to reach out to Carlson & Work for a referral. If we are not the best personal injury attorney for your case, we will do everything in our power to make sure that we find a reno attorney that meets the skills and needs of your case. The great thing about the Reno personal injury community is its size, we understand each firm’s strengths depending on the type of personal injury or car accident case involved.

Who is the best personal attorney in Reno?
Like many legal questions, the answer to the question is – it depends. Many variable matters when selecting the right personal injury attorney for you case. First, what type of personal injury case is the matter. When it comes to the best attorney in Reno, the “best” depends largely on the needs and experience of your attorney. Be sure to select the right attorney for your case by review the information below.
Complex Personal Injury
Carlson & Work’s Pick: Leah Ronhaar
For complex litigations like aviation, Leah Ronhaar at Bradley, Drendel and Jeanney is widely considered one of the top civil litigators in Reno, NV. She has repeatedly earned landmark outcomes for her clients. She is also an attorney at one of the state’s top personal injury law firms. With that, Attorney Ronhaar has access to a litigation team of attorneys, paralegals and research staff that makes her area of work possible. For some smaller firms, this is not a cost that many are willing to take on when dealing with a personal injury case. Lastly, Attorney Leah Ronhaar is widely respected as a first-class personal injury attorney. This is important because opposing parties understand that when she is involved in a personal injury case, she can take the case all the way to jury. Not all personal injury and car accident attorneys are willing to take cases to trial and will often pass the personal injury case off to a trial attorney when the case begins to look like it will ultimately go to trial. So, what makes Attorney Ronhaar unique is her ability to try a case from start to finish. Her ties to the Reno community and her time tested skills make her our top pick when it comes to selecting a personal injury lawyer who can handle even the most complex injury and civil litigation matters.

Motor Vehicle and Car Accidents
Carlson & Work’s Pick: Jared Clark

Carlson & Work and the Clark Law Group have joined forced to create the Nevada Justice Team. Personal Injury Lawyer Jared Clark is widely considered one of Las Vegas’s best personal injury attorneys. He has incredible skills when it comes to the litigation and settlement of cases up to trial. This is a great dynamic as Attorney Mathew Work specializes in trial practice and litigation at trial. As a former prosecutor, Attorney Mathew Work has massive court room experience and expert trial skills. Together, the team of Attorney Work and Attorney Clark make a formidable team for any traffic case, personal injury case or vehicle collision. Should you retain our firm, we will have the top experts in pre-litigation and trial practice on your side to make sure your injury, car accident, slip and fall or general personal injury case is handled with the care you and your family deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney Reviews
Lastly, if you are looking to retain an injury or car accident attorney be sure to use as many resources as possible to make sure you have a complete understanding of the attorney you are retaining and their reputation. Sources such as google, Avvo and yelp are the top three you should be sure to check. In our opinion, you will find the most honest reviews of an injury attorney by using legal specific websites such as Avvo. There car accident, personal injury and civil litigation attorneys are reviewed by other personal injury attorneys in Reno. So, you get a complete view of what the reno lawyers’ real reputation is both with the reno courts but also the reno legal community. As mentioned, Reno is a small community. Attorney’s who practice over the years get a reputation and it is hard to change the legal reputation one may have. When you are looking for an Reno Attorney, be sure to remember that the reputation of your attorney will have a direct impact on the offers you receive and the way in which opposing attorneys perceive you as a client.

Personal Injury Consultation
In many cases, we can get our personal injury intakes in on the same day. Be sure to bring as much information as possible to the intake including insurance information, medical records and any police reports that may exist. At the intake, the attorney will go over a complete review of your personal injury case, take down notes and make sure to collect any insurance and medical documentation as possible It is important to make sure your personal injury attorney has as much information as possible prior to retaining so they can best manage personal injury deadlines and provide a complete picture to the court of all the injuries and causes for action that exist.

If you need assistance selecting the best attorney in Reno for your specific case, please do not hesitate to reach out office today at 775-386-2226.

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