Changing a Living Trust

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When Should I Change My Living Trust? A living trust should be reviewed after significant life-changing events. Revoking or amending a revocable living trust can be done at any time and allows you to maintain control over your assets.  A living trust often referred to as a revocable trust, should be reviewed regularly for […]

Understanding a Pour Over Will

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What is Pour-Over Will? A “pour-over will” is often used in conjunction with a living trust. It is a special type of will because it states that any assets that were not funded into your revocable living trust should go there when you die. In other words, all property that passes through the pour-over will […]

Now is the Time to Draft your Will and Estate

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Protecting Your Family and Assets with a Will In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, now more than ever it is important to make sure you are prepared for anything that could happen and have an up-to-date will and planned estate. The coronavirus has shown us all just how fragile life can be, and how […]

Modify Custody via an Emergency Motion

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Modifying Child Custody After going through a divorce, the court will decide custody of your children. Even after custody has been established, the parents may want to revise the custody arrangement. If both parents are in accord with a new custody arrangement, they can change the court’s custody order with the use of an agreement. […]

Estate Planning in Nevada: Avoiding Probate

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How to Avoid Probate Through Estate Planning After losing a loved one, no one wants to have to go through the costly and time-consuming process of probate, the official proving of a will, and transferring the property of the deceased. Probate must be filed immediately after the person’s death and is a public process that takes […]

Property Division in a Nevada Divorce


How Property Division in Nevada Works The dividing up of property is a frequent concern during Nevada divorce proceedings. Nevada is considered a community property state, meaning that a judge will equally divide a couple’s property in a divorce. A court will intervene in the undertaking of property division if a couple cannot come to […]

Child Custody in Nevada


Navigating the Child Custody Process in Nevada Plenty of couples can agree that a divorce can be a grueling process that leaves the children of the terminated marriage emotionally distressed. Throughout a divorce, many questions can arise regarding how to best resolve the matter of child custody. As it can be an overwhelming and stressful […]

Writing the Guardianship of Children in a Will

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How can you Make a Will Legally Binding Involving Custody of Children? Who would take care of my children if I were to pass away? This can be a very hard question to think about as a parent, but it is a very important one to ask. To prevent the courts from deciding what will […]

DUI Defense Attorney in Reno, NV

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Have you been charged with a DUI? Get Expert Advice from a DUI Defense Attorney in Reno, NV Understanding your rights and having the right DUI attorney in your corner when charged with a DUI or DWI in Reno is critical. That is why we have put this resource together for you to evaluate. Why […]

TPO Lawyer in Reno, NV


Temporary Order of Protection in Nevada What is a TPO? A Temporary Protection Order: a legal court order, which is temporarily put in place, to protect those who are victims of domestic violence. (N.R.S. 33.017) Domestic Violence: physical, sexual, or psychological violence between those, in or previously in, a dating relationship; spousal relationship; blood relationship; […]