Injury Law 


If You’ve Been Injured, You Need a Proven Trial Attorney on Your Side


Let’s face it. When you’ve been injured in an accident, there are a multitude of factors to consider. One of the most important factors to consider is whether to hire an attorney. Here’s the truth, regardless if you think your injury case is major or minor, you should meet with an attorney. When you meet with an injury attorney, you’ll have an opportunity to talk about the legal process of an injury case and the most affective steps to take if after being injured.

Unfortunately, in so many cases, injuries can change the quality of life you experience. Justice requires making sure you are compensated and treated fairly throughout the process. You need an attorney by your side that is willing to make sure you are informed throughout the scope of your case. You also need an attorney that isn’t looking for a quick payday — but rather is willing to take the fight to the insurance company to make sure you are compensated now and if necessary, in the future.


So, why should you consider Work Law:


You’ll Be Hiring A Real Trial Attorney

As a former criminal prosecutor, Attorney Mathew A. Work has years of courtroom experience and has taken literally hundreds of cases to trial. This is something that the vast majority of attorneys simply can’t claim. The fact is, most attorney rarely, if ever go to trial. Instead, they settle early, take an early offer, close your case, collect their fee and move to the next case, with the same approach.

When you hire Work Law for your injury case, we won’t stop until we reach the best result possible in your case. If needed, we are ready and willing to take the case to trial.


The Insurance Companies WIll Research The Opposing Attorney You Hire

Most people don’t realize but when an attorney comes onto a case, the insurance company immediately does a search of the attorney to see the type of competition they are up against. This affects several of the decisions they make. One of the most important factors the insurance company looks at is how often the attorney actually goes to trial. When Attorney Mathew A. Work comes onto a case, the insurance company immediately realizes they are up against an attorney with hundreds of successful trial to his name. The impacts the offer made and the likelihood of success in your case.


Reputation Matters

Whether it’s Google, Yelp or any other platform, one this is consistent — former clients rave about their experience hiring Attorney Mathew A. Work and his team to handle their legal needs.

Not only do our clients recognize Attorney Mathew A. Work as a top attorney – the legal community repeatedly votes for him as a top attorney.


Injury Law Includes but is not limited to the Following Areas:

Auto Accident

Commercial Trucking Accident

Bicycle Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Major Medical Accidents

Brain Injury Cases

Spine Injury Cases

Slip and Fall Cases 

Vehicular Pedestrian Accidents  



If you have been injured, don’t hesitate to call Work Law.  We have injury attorneys on standby waiting for you call in Reno, Sparks, Minden, Carson and Gardnerville.

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