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    Client Testimonials

    Matt work is a great person, very professional I would highly recommend!
    Jose Miranda
    15:39 01 Mar 21
    Matthew is a fantastic lawyer and a loyal friend who brings so much good to the Reno community. If you’re looking for an honest, hardworking, and empathetic person to represent you Carlson & Work is absolutely the right place!
    Peter Satre
    22:25 26 Feb 21
    Carlson & Work is the firm that attorneys turn to for their legal issues. They provide quality representations, are responsive, will find an efficient way to handle all family law and criminal law. I strongly recommend you call Matthew and Rebecca if you need legal help.
    Alex Velto
    21:07 26 Feb 21
    Matt work and his team are not only highly professional and knowledgable, but they treat you as if you are part of the family. I wouldn't want anyone else on my side in court. Winning is everything when everything is on the line... thank you guys!!!!
    Eighty8 Studios
    20:55 26 Feb 21
    Mat Work and his team are so communicative and responsive, which in my opinion is the most important aspect for an attorney/law firm. The knowledge and professionalism that him and his staff bring is so refreshing. At the end of the day they treat you like a person with compassion and not just another "client.". I highly recommend Carlson & Work. 🔥
    Fidel Salas
    20:55 26 Feb 21
    Matthew and Rebecca are such a breath of fresh air when it comes to attorneys. They don’t frivolously bill you, they only speak the truth and are willing to have the difficult conversations when necessary. If you or your family are looking to retain a hard-working law firm with solid humans, these folks are the answer. My family and I put our stamp of approval proudly on them.
    Raphaelle Shanahan
    20:21 31 Dec 20
    If you’re looking for somebody to coddle you, hold your hand and tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear, this may not be a fit. However, if you’re looking for hard honest truths, grinders and a law firm that isn’t going to waste your time or your retainer, these are your people. I quickly learned, if I needed to hear from them, I would. Otherwise, I let them do their job and in the end I couldn’t be more proud of how the case turned out for my family.
    Weston Carroll
    19:47 24 Dec 20
    I was involved in a serious car accident last year. I skipped the games and went straight to a friend in the family that practices bankruptcy law. She eagerly sent me to Attorney Mathew Work. Trust me when I tell you, not all attorneys are created equal. Our initial offer increased 500% after Mr. Work got involved. He is a man of his word, direct, blunt and has an incredible work ethic.
    Chaim Torp
    22:39 20 Dec 20
    Update:I was contacted shortly after leaving this review and they were extremely cooperative and understanding of my sons situation. They agreed to set up a consultation for my son TODAY 😃🙏. Thank you for your time and you have no idea how much you are appreciated right now.Original:The website says same day consultation but when you call to schedule you are told weeks out. Its an emergency case with a hearing scheduled less for than 24 hours after being served and I'm being told weeks after they state in black and white same day.
    lara Sellers
    18:27 18 Nov 20
    If you are looking for attentive, caring, and super-smart attorneys, this is your firm. Rebecca and Mathew are quickly becoming the best attorneys in the area for a reason. They will take on your needs in the most efficient and professional way possible. They also are genuinely good people and care about their clients. If you need them, call them without hesitation. You are in good hands.
    Kyle Yamamoto
    17:15 30 Sep 20
    Rebecca is wonderful; she came through after a long fight between my daughter, Kelly G. and her ex. The children are now safe! Highly recommend her and the Carlson and Work team. Thank you again so much!
    Kaye Caisse
    18:04 15 Sep 20
    If you're looking for an honest and hard-working law firm, these people are for you. They have a work ethic to match the reputation they have earned.
    Chris Allie
    15:07 28 Aug 20
    Carslon & Work, you all ROCK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU! we did it! I can finally sleed and I am so relived. I will be recommending everyone I know!
    Lacey Pena
    13:49 22 Aug 20
    If you're looking for an honest and hard-working, these people are for you. They have a work ethic to match the reputation they have earned.
    Frank Smith
    23:47 19 Aug 20
    I hired Mathew to defend me against what were false charges. From the first appearance in court, it was obvious the court held Attorney Work in high regard and more obvious that the DA trusted him. In the end, the false charges were dismissed. I would 100% recommend Mathew to anyone looking for an honest attorney.
    Trisha Cobbs
    06:21 18 Aug 20
    I can't say enough about how great Rebecca was to work with. She was the perfect attorney for my case and I am so pumped that I was able to work with her and her awesome staff.
    Letha Wilson
    21:47 14 Aug 20
    Rebecca Carlson did a phenomenal job at representing me during the COVID19 pandemic at our telephonic hearing. She really did an excellent job. Thanks again Rebecca!
    ! Tyler
    22:08 13 Aug 20
    Mathew and his team really cared about me, my children and the process. 5 star law firm!
    Evelyn Goad
    21:39 12 Aug 20
    Attorney Rebecca Carlson was tough, honest and fair. She was always available to take my questions and calm my concerns. Very thankful I was able to retain this group.
    Mark Savala
    06:12 11 Aug 20
    I am so thankful and pleased that I hired this incredible law firm. They worked hard and got the verdict my family and children needed.
    Deonna Ludwig
    21:21 08 Aug 20
    Very tough process but in the end, it was obvious I selected the best law firm in town. Kind people who are willing to have hard conversations and tell you the likely outcome. They don't blow smoke and really do care out us.
    Steve Sullivan
    20:32 08 Aug 20
    I was up to speed, informed throughout the entire case process and so happy with the outcome of the case. Very happy with the service I received from the firm's manager, Lauren.
    Beverly Bells
    19:59 06 Aug 20
    The buzz about this firm is real. They are just different. The difference is, they aren't afraid to tell you you're being an idiot, or that your expectations are not real. They live and die by fact and ignore all the noise
    Rochelle Longhorn
    22:14 03 Aug 20
    They deliver. Plane and simple. They're never going to sugar coat things, they tell you hard, honest news, but they actually care about the best interest for everyone in the process, especially my kids. I respect that they tell you hard news even when it is tough.
    Marc Colburn
    09:50 01 Aug 20
    The second we walked into court, I knew I had made the right decision. Rebecca > His attorney. It was almost sad to watch unfold. She was sharper, more confident and just quicker on her feet.
    Raymond Dunn
    09:32 31 Jul 20
    I would happily recommend this firm to those I care about. I have no doubt that with Rebecca and Mathew in their corner, they would be in great hands.
    Collen Pearce
    21:25 25 Jul 20
    The process was long and tough but I am so thankful I had this law firm on my side. Rebecca and Mathew are first-class people and some of the best attorneys I have ever seen work. Very thankful
    Leo Wallace
    22:06 11 Jul 20
    From start to finish, this firm cares, they work hard and they are always looking ahead for the next steps and preparing as best they could. I was always prepped ready for court and kept up to speed when there was information to receive.
    Hector Perez
    18:47 02 Apr 20
    My experience with Attorney Rebecca Carlson was terrific. She was kind, helpful, honest and communicated throughout the entire process. Even when the news was hard to deliver, she was there by my side. In any family law case, there are high and lows but with Attorney Carlson by my side, I was ready for the lows and knew she was always working to deliver the highs. I would highly recommend my friends and family to this firm.
    Jane Andrews
    02:08 01 Apr 20
    From the first day, I consulted with Carlson and Work until the last day in trial. I knew they had my back. So thankful to these hard-working professionals. Such a great team.
    Dayna Knott
    20:54 29 Mar 20
    Friendly folks.
    Stephen O'Brien
    04:31 04 Jan 20
    I hope I never need them again but if I do, I’m so happy to know they are there!
    Joyce Delrio
    11:06 25 Dec 19
    Hire this firm. They are the real deal and really care about people.
    Steve Fremont
    10:15 23 Dec 19
    Rebecca and Mathew are such a perfectly matched partnership. They are hungry and they are determined. I was so impressed working with them both.
    Emily Milewski
    20:41 22 Dec 19
    Working with any law firm is never easy, there is always tension but you will get the truth from this law firm. I never had anything sugarcoated and I was never told what I wanted to hear, I was only told the truth. At the end of the day, we didn’t get the results we all had hoped for but I got more than my moneys worth out of everyone. The outcome is fair and seeing these people work, gives me peace of mind that I got the best results possible.
    Jeffrey Anding
    22:52 21 Dec 19
    I’ve spent the last year speaking with this firm on nearly a daily basis. I would be lying if I didn’t have days that I was upset with them and days that I was pleased with them but at the end of the day, they always answer the phone, they were always honest and prepared me for the difficult times ahead . We went through a tough battle together and I’m so thankful, at the end of the day, they were in my corner.
    James Cole
    22:05 20 Dec 19
    Thank you so much to Rebecca ! I will never forget the dedication you all showed me and the compassion you practiced with. My life has been bettered in so many ways just for knowing you all.
    Lacresha Barbour
    01:13 19 Dec 19
    As former law-enforcement, I have spent my fair share of time in court. Attorney Mathew Work, is hands-down the best trial attorney I have ever seen in my 30 years in law-enforcement. He is confident but not arrogant. He is humble but not passive. He is intelligent but not a know it all. He understands the dynamics and is typically three questions ahead of everyone listening in the court room. He is playing chess and everyone else, often including the judge, is playing checkers. Matthew may sincerely be the only top tier trial attorney in Nevada
    Joanne Schwartz
    19:45 17 Dec 19
    Recently, I found myself facing a very scary custody battle with a very malicious ex. I needed a fighter. I found Rebecca. She is an absolute bull dog. She is smart and demands respect in the court room. Frankly, seeing the opposing attorney in court with Rebecca said it all. She ran circles around the opposition.
    Nicholas Gerber
    18:24 16 Dec 19
    Hire this firm! They are truly remarkable. Rebecca and Lauren were an excellent tagteam.
    Amanda Kelley
    14:29 15 Dec 19
    I can’t thank Rebecca enough. She was so honest, dedicated and loyal to me as a client throughout.
    Lana Ramsey
    14:20 14 Dec 19
    Work Law always does an outstanding job. From the first consultation to the end of my case, they have been extremely helpful. I would highly recommend Work Law to anyone needing help in Family Law or Criminal Defense.
    Dalton Wilson
    01:09 07 Nov 19
    Thanks to Rebecca Carlson, my kiddos are finally where they should have always been. I can’t think Work Law enough for the patience and dedication they showed me.
    Roy Truss
    06:43 05 Nov 19
    Mathew Work and Rebecca Carlson were a dynamite duo. The last six months have been very difficult but I’m not certain I could’ve made it through without them. Thank you!
    Louise Allen
    14:11 03 Nov 19
    Rebecca Carlson is hands-down the most honest and aggressive attorney I have ever worked with. A lot of attorneys talk a big game but she actually walks the talk.
    Carolyn Ortiz
    20:39 02 Nov 19
    Lorin Taylor and Rebecca Carlson were a dream team. I cannot thank these girls enough for everything they did for me.
    Chris Enrique
    14:18 01 Nov 19
    I can’t thank you all enough. You are the light at the end of a very difficult tunnel I needed to get through. I know I wasn’t always easy to deal with but thank you for the grace and kindness you showed me.
    Arnold Woods
    03:48 01 Nov 19
    You all rock! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am so thankful that there are still people like all of you in the community and in the legal profession
    Eric Sipple
    11:48 10 Oct 19
    I was recently charged with a DUI and retained Mathew Work. They say a good lawyer makes all the difference, they do. Before meeting with Mathew, I met with one of the billboard-type attorneys. The entire meeting was the [other] attorney bragging about all the people he knew and how he would “walk me” through the process. Basically, how he was going to help me get convicted. Mathew, on the other hand, explained the entire process of a DUI conviction, what the DA would need and what he would attack. He did just that, three days later, all charges were DROPPED! He. Is. The. Real. DEAL!
    Dwight Nielsen
    19:20 07 Oct 19
    I called the law office with a couple of questions. Before I could get the words out, they wanted to set me up with an appointment for $200.However after speaking with Matt York and answering my questions I was very satisfied and I am looking for a positive future relationship
    Carl Hull
    03:33 29 Jun 19
    Mathew is a stand-up guy!
    J Douce
    20:19 30 Nov 18
    Mathew is a standup guy, and is man enough to own up to situations and make them right!
    James Doucettperry
    20:12 30 Nov 18
    Rebecca was a godsend. From the first day I met with her to today my life has changed remarkably for the better. I can’t thank her and The Firm enough.
    Annie Dean
    01:28 17 Jun 18
    If you need a family law attorney or are going through a custody battle, look no further. These people rock and actually care about their clients. Such a breath of fresh air.
    Jim Hunter
    18:05 15 Jun 18
    Matthew and Rebeca were aggressive and dedicated to my case from the first day I retained them. Going through divorce or any family law matter can be very difficult but, it helps to know you have people that know the process and can get you fair results.
    Gwen Jones
    15:37 13 Jun 18
    If you are in Reno looking for a family law attorney, seriously consider Matthew. He is honest and hard-working. He always responded to my emails personally and I really felt like I had a teammate more than attorney.
    Albert Andrews
    08:58 19 May 18
    I’m so happy I found Work Law. They were practical, pragmatic and realistic at every turn. They gave me the good and the bad news with nothing but the truth. I really admire Matthews approach to law, he is very common sense and doesn’t waste your time.
    Vera bradshaw
    13:16 17 May 18
    Matthew, Rebecca and Lauren were a dynamite trio. I was up to speed with the process of my divorce at every step and in the end I got a fair and hard-fought victory. I would highly recommend this legal team to anyone going through a divorce or serious legal matter. They’re not cheap but you get what you pay for.
    Linda Smith
    18:39 07 May 18
    I can’t thank Work Law enough. They came through in one of my darkest hours. Krystal was godsend. She was kind, compassionate and on the ball throughout the entire case. Matthew was able to give tough criticism when I needed to hear it and skillfully attacked the opposing party at trial. He has a gift in the courtroom. They changed my life forever for the best. Thank you!!!
    David Williams
    08:08 06 Apr 18
    Matthew and Rebeca were incredible to work with. At every turn, they returned our emails, or phone calls and were there for us whenever we needed to speak. I can’t thank them enough for getting me through such a difficult time. I would highly recommend Matthew and his team to anyone looking for an attorney in Reno. They were missed and compassionate and I can’t thank them enough for bringing a human element to my case. They changed my life in so many positive ways.
    Annabel Paul
    02:23 06 Apr 18
    Matthew and his team were nothing short of Lifesavers. They came through for me when I needed them the most. My life has done a complete shift since meeting Matthew, all for the better. He is a unique attorney, he generally cares and has a huge heart. If you were looking for a family law attorney, and right now, Matthew is your guy.
    K.Jacobs K.Jacobs
    17:31 16 Jan 18
    Work Law was a dream to work with. Can’t thank them all enough and couldn’t have asked for a better outcome to a very difficult family case.
    Mike Hasse
    13:09 04 Jan 18
    Mr. work was honest and aggressive throughout his entire representation of my case. He couldn’t have gotten a better result for me and I will never be able to thank him enough. What a top flight guy.
    Nandlal mandal
    17:34 24 Oct 17
    Matthew was honest, straightforward and at times blunt but his honesty saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees when he shot it to me straight.
    Candis Melton
    03:43 23 Oct 17
    Mathew is an excellent attorney who was able to quickly and effectively settle my traffic case despite prior history. Additionally, he's very nice to work with as he is frank and to the point about what needs to be done to win the case. Definitely would reccomend!
    Hawye Bade
    18:38 22 Oct 17
    I went Law firm in Reno, Nevada. I'm very pleased and satisfied with the firm. They are very professional. Highly recommended!
    Caris Bond
    16:45 18 Oct 17
    I’ve know Mathew for years and he has helped me and a number of my friends out over the years. He will always put his clients first. There is nothing this attorney hasn’t seen. Very professional, friendly, thorough and does an awesome job explaining the legal side of things in lamemens terms. Highly recommend.
    Misty Wells
    21:28 12 Oct 17
    When seeking legal representation, there were many factors that I considered. Chief among them were Legal Competence, Trial Experience, and Accessibility. After interviewing multiple attorney's in the Reno area, Mathew was the clear choice to represent my case.As a former Deputy City Attorney with the City of Reno, Mathew is not only exceptionally well-versed with regards to the letter and spirit of the law, but also, he has a unique understanding of its application within the context of the local judicial environment there in Northern Nevada. Looking beyond his proven track record of successful litigation, Mathew is a warm, decent human being. I will continue to work with him in the future and would recommend him to friends and family without hesitation.
    John McCaffrey
    15:08 11 Oct 17
    Work Law is the most honest and hard-working representation you will ever experience. Whether you are in need of family, defense, or business law, look no further than Work Law. Most importantly you get direct contact with Mr. Work. You will not be treated as "a number" like so many other law firms around. You will know he cares about your case. He will work hard to fight for you and you will go to court knowing all the different possible outcomes and what every step entails. Trust me when I say Work Law will go to court for you with the finest representation you will ever come across.
    Mark Cantrell
    04:01 11 Oct 17
    I have never met a more honest person in my life. Mathew always brings his "A" game, day in and day out. If you want an attorney that strengthens his argument, instead of raising his voice to get his point across, Mathew Work is your go to guy. He is by your side every step of the way.
    Casey Cochran
    03:23 11 Oct 17
    This team knows how to approach delicate situations to maximize client advantage. My family appreciates the one on one family feel, with experience and expertise to match. Highly recommend.
    Spencer Hutchings
    00:17 11 Oct 17
    Fantastic work guys! I am very pleased! I recommend you to everyone!
    John Robert
    22:30 10 Oct 17
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