Nevada Child Support

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There are several factors considered by Nevada courts with respect to child support: 

  • Child’s age 

  • Number of children to support 

  • Income of both parents 

  • Time child spends with a parent 

Nevada Child Support Overview

Child support is used for food, clothing, medical insurance  Education could include specialized cares such as speech or cognitive therapy.  Keep in mind that if you are required by the State of Nevada to pay child support and you do not you could face jail time and/or fines. 

The court looks at the gross income amount that you earn in order to calculate child support.  Gross income is the amount you make before taxes or other deductions are taken from your check.  The court will look at: 

  • Salary or wages 

  • Bonuses 

  • Commissions 

  • Pension  

  • Severance pay 

In the event a parent is disabled and cannot work they will likely not be required to pay child support.  If the parent responsible for paying child support is receiving unemployment, child support can be taken out of that as well.  If a parent refused to work or does not have a job they may still be required to pay child support. 

Northern Nevada Divorce and Child Support Lawyer

If you want to file for child support, contact Mathew Work, A Nevada family law lawyer.  In order to file for child support, you will need to have your full legal name, date of birth, social security number, birth certificate and a Decree of Divorce or legal separation agreement.  Provide Attorney Mathew Work with the full legal name, the address of their residence and workplace and any other information that might be requested.  In the case of abuse, incest or rape, contact your local police department or property authorities.   

Child support is often part of a divorce proceeding.  If your divorce included child support but you are not getting any - contact Mathew Work and see what he can do to help you.  If it is part of your legal separation of divorce that was ordered by the court there are ways to make the court aware of violations of court orders.   

Nevada Child Support Enforcement is part of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services.  CSE collects child support from the paying parent and the receiving parent can get the money directly deposited in their checking account.  In this way there is proof of payment or non-payment in case something comes up in court.  This agency can use enforcement and collections if child support is not being paid.  Mathew Work, a Nevada family law lawyer, can help you if child support is not being paid since taking it to court might be faster than waiting on CSE.  The agency has some power to help get child support from the paying parent.  They can garnish wages from the paying parent’s paycheck, unemployment benefits, social security and veteran benefits, military support or from the Thrift Savings Plan (Federal Retirement Plan.)  They agency can also have the Department of Motor Vehicles suspend driver’s, recreation, sport, professional or work licenses.  The agency can also refer a case for criminal persecution to the court.