Nevada Divorce Laws

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In order to file for divorce in Nevada, you must live in Nevada for at least six weeks and plan to remain in Nevada before filing for a divorce.  If you are in the military or are a resident outside of Nevada you may still file for divorce as long as the defendant or spouse lives in Nevada. 

There are a few grounds for divorce, no-fault and at fault divorce.  A no-fault divorce is when the wife and husband have lived separated or apart for one year.  This does not include cohabitation which is separate but still living in the same house.  At the discretion of the court, an absolute decree of divorce may be granted.  An at-fault divorce is when one party was considered insane at least two years prior to the commitment of marriage.  Corroborating evidence must be presented to the court in order to proceed with an insanity plea.   

Alimony and child support are on a case to case basis on how much someone has to pay to the other party.  Child support can help pay for childcare, insurance, special needs education (e.g. speech or therapy needed to help benefit the child), transportation to visit the other parent and basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter.  Property and other assets may need to be divided.  All these issues must be resolved or agreed upon before a judge signs the Final Decree of Divorce and it is filed placed in the District Court Clerk’s office. A new marriage cannot take place until this is completed. 

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Divorces may include child custody, child support, alimony or spousal support.  Other items to consider when filing for divorce is the splitting up of property, finances and other investments.  Mathew Work, a Nevada lawyer, can help you file for divorce and help keep your best interests in mind. 



There is no time limit for annulment in Nevada.  If the spouses are closely related to each other this could be a reason to annul the marriage.  In the United States, you cannot marry anyone closer to you than your second cousin.  Should you find out that your spouse is already married to another person your marriage may not be legal or the other marriage is illegal.  A spouse that is under the age of 18 who did not get consent from either a parent and/or a judge an annulment could be granted.  One of the spouses was unable to consent to the marriage and was not able to understand what was going on or was insane at the time but has since regained sanity.   One of the spouses committed a fraud on the other in order for them to agree to the marriage.  These would be grounds for an annulment. 

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If you need legal help contact Mathew Work, a divorce and family law lawyer in Nevada.  Legal matters are complicated and they take time to navigate.  If you are served papers it is best to consult a lawyer before you sign them even if you might think you understand what is being said in the paperwork.