Child Custody in Nevada

Work Law Blog - Legal and Physical Child Custody Differences, Explained

When is it time to hire an attorney?

Custody is at the center of most divorce cases. The courts often refer to custody as the “biggest mountain to move” when going through the court proceedings. Custody involves the most important aspects of a parent’s life, their kids. When parties cannot agree on the custody and visitation of their children, that’s when the courts step in and assist. This is when it’s wise to strongly consider hiring an experienced family law attorney in Reno, NV.

Why you need an experienced Trial Attorney:

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Legal vs. Physical Custody

In Nevada, there are two types of custody. Legal Custody refers to one parent’s ability to make life decisions for their minor child. The most common examples are what medical decisions will be made for the child, where the child will attend school and what religion the child will practice.

On the other hand, Physical Custody deals with where the child’s time will be spent. When parents have joint legal custody and joint physical custody, the parents have equal legal rights to the child. When one parent has primary physical custody, the majority of the child’s time will be spent with that particular parent.

Nevada Child Custody Attorney

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