Joint Petition Divorce in Reno

Joint Petition Divorce

If you need a divorce in Nevada, a joint petition may be a good place to start. 

Joint Petition Divorces in Nevada

Agreeing on divorce parameter as spouses make the whole divorce process simpler and faster in Reno. Sometimes you may not even need a family lawyer. Your divorce papers detailed or not ought to act in accordance with Reno NV divorce law. Uncontested divorce cases require the services of an uncontested divorce lawyer. This will help prevent future problems that arise from mistakes made in uncontested divorce cases.

Why you need help in uncontested divorce case

You are likely to pay a high price for the slightest mistake in an uncontested divorce case in the future. This is why it is imperative to make right decisions in regard to child support, child custody among others. The terms should be fair and acceptable by both of you and in accordance to Reno NV divorce law of course.

Don’t underrate any of the agreements or assume that it is not necessary to formalize them on grounds that you trust your ex-spouse to be. Remember that you are only sure about today and tomorrow is always a mystery. Here are the things you should not joke around with during the uncontested divorce case;

  • Your children; at least hire a family lawyer to provide you with a clear and all-inclusive parenting plans. A lawyer will help you understand your responsibilities and rights when it comes to your children `
  • Property division; in as much your spouse has no objection, it is important to include an attorney who will help you on debt and asset sharing during the divorce. This entails valuing assets, for instance, real estate, retirement benefits as well as business.
  • Alimony; taking time during the divorce, in order to come up with alimony terms is worth the wait. This entails the amount of money to be sent and when as it prevents future dispute.

In Nevada, an uncontested divorce law requires that spouses create a complete divorce settlement that suits all the needs of the spouses.

Understand the process of filing a joint petition

Here are some of the crucial issues on which both parties are supposed to agree in a joint petition.

  • Reasons for divorce
  • In case of children under age 18, there should be agreement on child custody, child support, medical insurance, visitation and the holiday schedule.
  • Community property and debt division.
  • Alimony condition

During the divorce process, at least you should include a third party. Such an individual will be a witness of a complete divorce process and see to it that you have all signed the agreements.

A joint divorce petition should be filed in the court within your country. Your petition packet ought to entail the following divorce joint petition; resident witness affidavit, the cover sheet and a Child Welfare Identification Sheet in cases where the couple has kids.

After that, you people should give the judge handling your case a copy of the filed documents as well as original divorce decree.

Divorce decree should have the agreements of the parties in regard to child's support, visitation, division of property and debts, alimony and custody.

The divorce decree should only be filed after bearing the judge's signature. After it is signed by the judge, go ahead and file with the clerk at your nearest court.

Finally, uncontested divorce cases are less stressful though you need to do everything right and within Reno Nevada uncontested divorce laws.

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