Do you have a right to Alimony/Spousal Support?

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Alimony, or spousal support, is a court-ordered payment made from one party to the other party after divorce. Its purpose is to provide financial support for the party who was not working or earned substantially lower income than their spouse. State laws vary on how alimony is paid, but in Nevada is it typically paid in regular payments. Depending on the length or marriage and financial position of the divorcing couple, spousal support allowances are determined by the Court (NRS 125.150).

Nevada courts recognize three types of alimony or spousal support that may be awarded to either party in a divorce case.  

Types of Alimony

-        Temporary – Temporary alimony is awarded during the divorce proceedings and is intended to help cover short-term living expenses.

-        Rehabilitative – Rehabilitative alimony is also awarded short-term. It is meant to give the receiving party time to adjust financially to their new lifestyle and become self-supporting. This support is typically used to develop work skills, take trainings, and earn credentials.

-        Permanent – Permanent alimony is paid to the receiving party of long-term marriages. This type of alimony is granted when temporary alimony is not sufficient and rehabilitative alimony is not reasonable. Typically, the receiving party’s age and ability to work is an important factor. Permanent spousal support is paid until death of the payor or the receiving party is remarried.  

For the Court to consider spousal support, one party must have a genuine need for financial support after divorce, and the other party must have the funds to support it.  The Court will consider the following factors of each individual when determining whether or not to grant alimony and in what amount (NRS 125.150(9)): 

- financial position

- value of property

- contributions to any property

- duration of marriage

- income and earning capacity

- age and health

- career history before the marriage


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