Prenuptial Agreement: Why you might consider it

Work Law Blog - Why you should consider a Prenuptial Agreement

The possibility of divorce is the last thing an engaged couple is thinking about. We get it. But there is a common misconception about prenuptial agreements that we would like to address. 

A prenuptial agreement is a contract between two parties planning to wed that describes how assets will be distributed in the event of divorce or death. The content typically includes terms for the forfeiture of assets for adultery. Other conditions of guardianship may also be included. The agreement must be fair, signed by both parties, and executed prior to the date of marriage.

Signing an agreement is a smart decision. It does not mean your marriage is destined to fail before you are wed. These agreements are designed to protect your possessions in worse-case scenarios. Couples who sign prenuptial agreements tend to feel more secure in their relationships and having an agreement was a good thing for their marriage.


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