Why You Shouldn’t Represent Yourself in a Divorce

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You may be considering representing yourself in a divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse are on good terms and want to divorce as amicably as possible. However, representing yourself may be more expensive and take longer than expected. Here are the top reasons why self-representation is a bad idea.

1.       Those who represent themselves tend to give up rights they were not aware they had.

2.       Individuals are not always prepared for curve balls that arise mid-way through divorce.

3.       Your divorce may end up in court, adding even more time, confusion, and complexity to the process which ends up costing more than attorney's fees. 

4.       Typically, those who represent themselves in court reach unfavorable outcomes by the Court because they do not communicate effectively, misstate the law, and appear unprepared. 

5.       You are likely to lose perspective when trying to reach an agreement with your spouse or your spouse's attorney. 

Nevada Divorce Lawyer to Represent Your Family Needs

Divorce is emotional and its hard not to let those emotions get in the way of decision-making. We see time and time again where the spouse will change their argument and their asks halfway through the divorce process. It’s important to have an attorney who knows the law and can represent your best interests every step of the way. The outcome of divorce has long-term effects, especially with children involved. Having a legal team by your side will reduce your stress and avoid delays and mistakes throughout the process. Contact our experienced divorce attorney, Mathew Work, to learn how Work Law can help you achieve the best possible settlement. Our office may be reached at (775) 386-2226.