Who Can File for Divorce in Nevada?

Many couples are drawn to Nevada when filing for divorce because it is widely known that there is no waiting period. This means that as soon as a hearing date is available, parties can appear in front of the Judge for a final decision.  That said, there are some qualifications that must be met in order for an individual to file for a contested or uncontested divorce in Nevada.

You must meet the Nevada residency requirements when filing for divorce in Nevada, which state that you or your spouse must have lived in Nevada for at least 6 weeks prior to filing. The court will require you to prove your residency by designating a co-worker, friend, or family member to sign an affidavit of resident witness. When deciding which county to file your complaint in, you can choose either the county where you reside, where your spouse resides, or where you and your spouse last lived as a married couple.  Residents of Reno can file for divorce in Washoe County's Second Judicial District Court, which offers a specific division dedicated to family court matters such as divorce and child custody.

Nevada is known as a “no fault” divorce state which means there does not have to be a reason behind your divorce.  Therefore, when filing for divorce in Nevada, parties don’t need to identify any specific reasoning for separation.  

When filing for a divorce in Nevada, it is important that the residency requirements are met.  Many parties have a positive experience filing for divorce in Nevada due to the lack of waiting period, short 6 week residency requirement, and relatively lenient requirements in terms of providing a reason behind divorcing.  

Nevada Divorce Attorney

Hiring an attorney can help you make sure all jurisdiction qualifications are met.  If you have any questions about divorce in Nevada, please call Work Law at 775-386-2226.  We specialize in Nevada divorces, and can guide you through the process of divorcing in Nevada as your legal representative.