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Divorce vs. Annulment

Divorce and annulment are the only two legal options to end a marriage. The difference is an annulment legally declares a marriage null and void. In other words, after the marriage or domestic partnership is annulled it is legally erased as if it never happened, allowing both parties to return to their former marital status. When marriage is annulled, spouses are not subject to community property laws. People often prefer annulment over divorce, but individuals must meet specific criteria for a judge to consider the request.

About Nevada Annulment

Nevada reviews annulment requests for cases involving fraud, incompetence and lack of capacity. While these are the most common qualifications for annulment, their legal definitions are not as straightforward. For an annulment to be granted, a spouse must present proof of fraud, incompetence, or lack of capacity. Building a strong case from the beginning is essential.


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