Child Custody in Nevada

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Whether a couple is ending their marriage or are no longer together and have children, their children’s needs are top priority. Child custody, or legal guardianship, is the legal and practical relationship between the parent and the children.

Nevada law recognizes two types of child custody: legal and physical.

·       Legal custody is the parent’s right to make major life decisions, like which school to attend and which religion to practice. Often, parents will share custody through a joint legal custody arrangement. However, other scenarios require sole legal custody, where one parent will make major decisions for the children because the other parent does not have the capacity to care or adequately protect them.

·       Physical custody refers to where the children will live and the length of time they will spend with each parent. Joint physical custody arrangements occur when parents have the same responsibilities and the same amount of time with their children. Primary physical custody, on the other hand, means that the children will mainly live with one parent and will likely have visitation with the other parent. 

Child custody issues are extremely delicate. Having to share time with children is emotional and often hard to comprehend. Parents need support through this process. In most cases, parents will reach an agreement before the case goes to trial, but if an agreement cannot be met the court will decide legal and physical custody.

Parental Rights

In Nevada, neither parent has more of a right to custody than the other parent, although the state prefers joint physical custody when both parents are equally capable of caring for the children. The Nevada family court system makes decisions based on the best interest of the child. It considers the child’s well-being, like safety and emotional needs, as well as the parent’s communication style and parenting skills.


Child Custody Attorney

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