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Juvenile Courts in Nevada

If your child has been charged with a crime or delinquent act, in a juvenile court in Nevada, you may question whether he or she will go to jail, get a permanent criminal record, or if you can be held financially responsible for their offense.

Law and times have changed. Laws have become much tougher in prosecuting juveniles for their crimes. Lawmakers throughout the country have been feeling the public pressure to take juvenile offenses more seriously. Crimes that were once charged as misdemeanors are now being charged as felonies. Crimes such as vandalism, gang activity, drugs or shoplifting, prosecuted by the state of Nevada are now being punished more harshly. 

In Nevada, juveniles are routinely tried as adults for serious and violent crimes instead of facing their charges in the juvenile court. 

Serious Crimes Result in Adult Criminal Charges

- Murder or attempted murder cases if a child is 16 years old and up.

- Sexual assault or attempted sexual assault cases if the defendant is 16 or older and has been previously adjudicated for an offense that would be considered a felony for an adult.

Certification as an adult must be made by the juvenile court. Usually, the prosecutor submits a motion to the court and the court conducts an investigation and hearing before certifying the child to be tried as an adult.

Crimes prosecuted by the state of Nevada can carry serious penalties such as jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record.  The juvenile system process can also be very stressful and confusing. Sometimes, parents do not realize that their son or daughter will be tried as an adult until it is too late.

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