Be Prepared for Divorce

Work Law Blog - Be Prepared for Divorce

When we began our Northern Nevada family law practice, we realized most people don’t know what to expect when going through a divorce. Unsurprisingly, many individuals are upset and focused on the past rather than their life after divorce. For some, divorce means less time with children and dividing property. It can also mean paying out alimony and child support. These are significant life changes to prepare for when going through divorce. Matters such as child custody, name changes, spousal support and division of community property are all challenging, but are manageable if planned for.  Individuals should prepare themselves emotionally and legally for what is to come prior to filing and throughout the divorce process.


Northern Nevada Divorce Attorney

Attorney Mathew Work is a respected divorce attorney in Northern Nevada. He realizes divorce is delicate and requires transparency. If you are seeking legal representation for your divorce or custody case, contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with Work Law Firm to understand your legal rights and what to expect. Our office may be reached at (775) 386-2226.