As one of Nevada’s top divorce and family law firms, Carlson & Work can assist you with filing an uncontested joint petition for divorce.  Divorcing parties with children can file a joint petition when all of the terms of the divorce are uncontested.  That means that both parties agree on how they will divide all assets and debts.  Parties who file an uncontested joint petition can avoid going to Court and can get divorced quickly.  When filing an uncontested divorce with children, the parties must also agree on the child custody and visitation schedule as well as the child support amount.  Some parties make agreements to waive child support or choose an amount that works better for their family than Nevada law would require, but this requires permission from the Court that an attorney at Carlson & Work can assist with getting granted. Carlson & Work can help you file your joint petition by negotiating settlement terms including property division, child custody, and support.

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