People in Nevada can apply for a temporary protective order, or TPO, when they feel threatened, harassed, or stalked by someone else.  When the Court grants a temporary protective order, the victim will receive a Court order for protection that lasts approximately one month. Then, there will be a hearing to determine if the protection order should be extended for a year. Carlson & Work can represent you at your TPO hearing. 


At Carlson & Work, we have experience successfully representing the applicant and the adverse party in a TPO hearing. These matters typically involve people who are romantically dating or in a domestic relationship that existed in the past. These relationships also extend to those who are dating, neighbors, employees, and roommates.


We have successfully represented hundreds of individuals in TPO matters and more time than not, we have successfully obtained the results they need. The impacts of a TPO being substantiated can have a significant impact upon your life including:

If you need a TPO attorney by your side during a Temporary Protection Order for stalking, aggravated stalking or harassment, then contact an experienced TPO attorney at Carlson & Work today.

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