Need to Relocate with Your Child, Take the First Step.

A parent seeking to relocate their child can be a strenuous process in an already difficult child custody situation. Relocation means more than just moving across town. Nevada law believes relocation to be moving the child outside of Reno to a location that would substantially interfere with the other parent’s ability to visit the child. This relocation could either be completely out of the state of Nevada, or to a place far away from Reno but still in Nevada. Regardless of the new location, a parent should understand how they go about moving with their child.

What Nevada Law Says About Relocating with a Child After Divorce

The Steps a Parent Should Take

Motion to Relocate

Why You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

While you may have numerous valid reasons for wanting to relocate your child, the Nevada child custody laws can make it difficult to actually have the freedom to relocate as you wish. A family law attorney can help you simplify and understand the child’s relocation process. Call Carlson & Work today at 775-298-6403. to talk to top family lawyers about relocating your child.

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