[Criminal] Defense Law

First, it's not criminal defense. It's just defense.

Getting arrested and facing criminal charges is stressful and overwhelming. You may be wondering when you get out of jail or what will happen if you cannot show up to work tomorrow.

If you have been arrested in Reno, Carson City, Gardnerville, or greater Northern Nevada, you need someone who can make your problem, their problem.   

As a former criminal prosecutor, Attorney Mathew Work has years of experience trying cases. During those years in the courtroom, he realized there was never a case without flaw. Each defense case has unique hurdles the state must clear to reach a settlement. 

Work Law has tried many types of criminal cases ranging from misdemeanor cases to serious felony cases and trails before a jury.

Nevada defense attorney, Mathew Work makes your future his focus. Together, we will show the government you're not merely a case file. Call Work Law after an arrest so we can explain what to expect and what you can do now to protect your rights. Our office can be reached anytime at 775-386-2226.